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    Rosie Mattheson exhibits Boys portraits and documentary in London.

    Even though she is only 22, Rosie Mattheson has been taking pictures for a while. Her grandfather worked for Kodak, and she had cameras all over the house as a kid. She quickly fell in love with the play between light and lens.
    In high school, Rosie adored the quiet and enchanting world of the dark room, and gravitated towards analogue cameras seamlessly. In digital photography, there are many people who can alter the outcome of an image, Rosie finds that shooting analogue allows her to capture what she wants, how she wants – giving her more artistic freedom to perfect her personal style.
    Her project, Boys, began in 2015, and aims at capturing the “softer side” of masculinity, exploring the new ways boys express themselves today. The series presents beautiful and striking faces from Brighton to Hawaii, shot on Super 8 film. This exhibition will show in London Black and White Building on July 27th from 7 – 11 pm. A documentary film based on the making of this series will also accompany the exhibition.