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    Bowie X Vans.

    Vans released a limited edition collection inspired by David Bowie.

    Text: Vans is an iconic shoe brand that makes sneakers. Their shoes have been adopted to be the shoe of the skater community, however, like many sub-culture fashions and accessories, they have made their way into the mainstream. The edition is made up of four sneakers, each designed with a particular time period and album of Bowies in mind; there is the “Slip-On 47 VDX” for Hunky Dory, the “Sk8-Hi” for the Ziggy Stardust era, and “The Old Skool” and “Era” shoes allude to Aladdin Sane and Space Oddity, respectively. David Bowie is a Rockstar icon – he broke gender barriers, added glitter to the boring “denim-hell” rock and roll had become, and exploded the imaginations of thousands of young people with this theatrical on-stage and off-stage antics. The limited edition will be released in stores on April 4th.