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    Born Free.

    South Africa’s generation born after Apartheid featured in a new photo exhibition and a book.

    South Africa’s apartheid was a system of institutional racial segregation that was set in place in 1948, and lasted up until 1994, marked by the election of Nelson Mandela into office. It has been 25 years since apartheid was abolished, and the first generation that were born without strict apartheid as laws is coming to age. Ilvy Njiokiktjien calls this generation the Born Free generation in her photo project. As a journalist for South African, German and American newspapers for over ten years, Njiokiktjien has been able to research the situation in South Africa over time. Collecting photographs of young people, and documenting their experience, the project now includes an exhibition, a photobook, and a hour long documentary. While many young people of this Born Free generation are able to live where they want and love who they want, racism still lives on in the social consciousness, and in the minds of many South Africans. Unemployment, lack of safe infrastructure and education still pose serious problems for this young generation. One young person comments to the artists on hearing the title of her work - “Born Free? We should call it called Break Free. Our generation, we’re not born free, we’re born in shit and we’re breaking free.”