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    Black Representation.

    Theaster Gates curates show depicting black imagery in Berlin.

    The Johnson Publishing Company was founded in the 1940’s in Chicago, Illinois. It was the largest African-American owned publishing company in its time, with publications such as Ebony and Jet, which became platforms that discussed black culture and focused on the black experience in post-war America. These magazines shaped culture and aesthetics for years to come, moulding later generations. In Berlin at the Gropius Bau, until July 28th, an exhibition presents a collection of archived images from the Johnson Publishing Company from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Moneta Sleet Jr. and Isaac Sutton are two photographers whose works were important to the company and will be featured centrally within the exhibition. The Black Image Corporation was curated by Theaster Gates, an African American visual artists, famous for his installations. Hailing from Chicago, like the publishing Company, we are curious to see how Gates uses his personal connection to the city to weave a enlightening story of black representation.