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    Billie Hollogram.

    A jazz icon resumes centre state at the Apollo theatre more than 60 years after her death.

    In a collaboration between Hologram USA and the Apollo theatre in Harlem, Billie Holiday will headline in late 2015. The project sees a life-sized hologram of the singer perform her hits, as well as answer questions about the history of the Apollo in a truly interactive performance.  “Billie is going to be able to talk about the history of the Apollo,” Apollo president Jonelle Procope told the New York Times. “She can take questions from the audience in an interesting way. She can sing some songs.”

    Billie Holiday is an Apollo Hall of Fame inductee, having performed there more than 30 times, the first time at only age 19. More than a hundred performances are planned for the 2015-16 season, allowing fans a unique experience of their idol, while introducing the jazz legend to a new generation.