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    Sven Marquardt for ITEM m6.

    Innovative leg wear brand, ITEM m6 and Legendary Berlin Bouncer come together to shoot new capsule collection.

    The German innovative Legwear company, ITEM m6 has announced their newest capsule collection. This collection combines new fabric technology to support active lifestyles. The brand teamed up with known writer, photographer and head bouncer, Sven Marquardt to shoot the campaign.
    ITEM m6 has always valued quality, functionality for top performance in active wear. The brand’s focus has been to revolutionize stocking, shape wear and activewear by perfecting its knitting technology since 1951. 
    The collection named, ITEM m6 Black, is to showcase the brands innovative materials and knitting technology. The material is breathable, wicks away heat and moisture. Made of sophisticated compression yarn to promote blood flow and adapts to the wearers legs for a perfect fit. 
    As a legendary Berlin Door man and a photographer, Marquardt has seen a lot come in and out of the art and fashion scene. Such as Prenzlauer Berg punk, new wave and art movements.  As a photographer he strictly uses analog cameras and natural light. His technique and skill to shoot challenging perspectives blends perfectly with ITEM m6’s mantra. Which will create an innovative and fresh perspective on the ground breaking product and campaign.