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    Artist’s Wonderland.

    Brazil’s Instituto Inhotim is a not-to-be-missed spot for art and nature enthusiasts.

    It’s a location to behold. The largest open-air contemporary art museum in the world, Instituto Inhotim is located in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil and is a whopping 271 acres of forest, botanical gardens, and galleries housing more than 700 works by 200 different artists worldwide.

    Founded by Bernardo Paz, Instituto Inhotim started out in the 80’s with Paz buying pieces of land surrounding his farmhouse when developers threatened to destroy the area’s natural landscape. From there, the farmland turned into a stunning botanical garden with the help of his friend, the late landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. The artistic streak continued on when Paz was persuaded to collect contemporary artworks by Brazilian artist Tunga, and he eventually allowed artists the space and resources to create their works.

    Now, Inhotim collaborates with artists in creating new works and adapting old ones to new spaces, especially ones dealing with landscape and nature. The botanical gardens (with lakes and swans) also houses an impressive inventory of 4,200 plant species including many threatened with extinction and the world’s largest collection of palm trees.

    And if preserving forestry and supporting artists isn’t enough, Inhotim offers educational and social development programs for locals by locals as well. So to art, naturel, and social development enthusiasts out there about to visit Brazil, make sure Instituto Inhotim is on your itinerary.