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    An Unfolding Portrait.

    The Museum of Modern Art will be holding in exhibition featuring the vast scope of work by Louise Bourgeois.

    New York city’s MoMa will be viewing an exhibition dedicated to the works by Louise Bourgeois. It will feature the MoMa’s prized archive as well as rarely seen loans. The exhibition will hold around 300 compositions that were created in the last two decade of her life and also from the beginning of her artistic career in the 1940’s.

    Throughout her career, Louise Bourgeois constantly revisited the themes of her art, which was based off the emotions she endured within her lifetime. She noted that there was no “rivalry" between the mediums she worked with, explaining that “they say the same thing in different ways.” At the “An Unfolding Portrait” exhibition, Bourgeois’s sculptures, drawings, and paintings will be held within thematic groups that explore ideas such as the body, architecture and nature. It will also feature Bourgeois experimentation with abstraction and works made from old garments and house hold fabrics. The exhibition will be viewed in chronological order to reveal Bourgeois creative thinking as it developed.

    Find “An Unfolding Portrait” at the MoMa until January 28, 2018.