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    Albert Watson for 2019 Pirelli Calendar.

    Legendary Scottish photographer, Albert Watson, will be the photographer behind the images of upcoming Pirelli Calendar

    Albert Watson has shot some of the most iconic images of pop culture royalty and celebrities of our generation. His work has graced the cover of Vogue over 100 times and the cover of Rolling Stones over 40 times, however, Watson would never define himself as solely a fashion or commercial photographer. Although he studied film, television and graphic design, when Albert Watson finally picked up a camera as a hobby his talents were noticed and a career photographing for magazines like GQ and Harper’s Bazaar quickly followed. Despite, or perhaps because, Watson’s blindness in one eye since birth, his style has always had a unique perspective to it, creating enduring portraits of the characters of our era. While the concept for this calendar will be kept a secret until its release in November 2018, you can check out past years Pirelli calendars shot by major names like Tim Walker, Steve McCurry, and Annie Leibovitz.