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    Ai Weiwei – Provocative, inspirational works spanning more than two decades.

    Perhaps the most provocative artist of modern times, Ai Weiwei is currently in the spotlight at the Royal Academy in London.

    A new eponymous exhibition, which features works from the last twenty years, showcases the artist’s manipulation of a vast spectrum of materials in a relentless commentary of China’s politics and popular culture.
    Ai Weiwei, who was only recently granted a new passport after years of house arrest and surveillance, is famous for his criticisms of the Chinese government, through both his art and his Weibo blog. His works critique Chinese consumer culture, and the clash of traditional values against modern wealth, censorship and human rights, encompassing sculpture, ceramics, photography, painting and even 2000-year-old Qing vases. A collaborative effort with Ai Weiwei from his Beijing studio, the exhibition includes large-scale works such as Tree, shipped from China with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The exhibition is the UK’s first major review of the Chinese artist’s work.

    ‘Ai Wei Wei’ runs until 13 December 2015, at the Royal Academy. Bookings are recommended.