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    Adorable Presence.

    What happens when Styles, style and the wholesome meet.

    Photographs of Gucci’s much anticipated Cruise 2019 tailoring campaign have been officially released. In these photographs, a villa in Rome becomes the stage of a unlikely yet, lovingly wholesome fusion of celebrity, high fashion and baby farm animals. Harry Styles’ boyish looks are complemented by the pleasant presence of baby pigs, goats and sheep. Rocking floral jackets, silk kimonos, Jesus pieces and checkered pants, Harry Styles in collaboration with Gucci transmits a timelessly elegant but fresh feel for fashion.

    The photographs were taken by the industry renowned British photographer; Glen Luchford.

    This however, was not the first time Harry Styles was spotted rocking timeless attire with animals. In the AW18 tailoring campaign, he effortlessly poses inside a chip shop with a chicken in his hand. Who knows, maybe there will be more of Styles, Gucci and animals in the future to come…