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    Adidas X Palace.

    Adidas releases tennis inspired collection with London’s Palace sot by Alasdair McLellan.

    As Wimbledon begins, Adidas and London’s Palace Skateboards have collaborated to release a collection of tennis inspired garments. The collection blurs the lines between sportswear and street wear, which is epitomized in skateboard culture. From Palace’s lookbook shot by Alasdair McLellan earlier this week, we see all-white tracksuits, caps, sweatbands and zip-up polos modelled by the likes of Blondey McCoy. With a golden front tooth, this unlikely model has been sponsored by Palace Skateboards for some time and is growing in popularity. The 20 year-old skates, sets fashion trends, models, and has been the artistic force behind campaigns for Burberry. The recent trend in collaborations between industries, or brands, has lead to a cross over in fans. Not only does it attract consumers from different markets, but also shifts the notion of ‘luxury fashion’ to include many more styles that have evolved from the street or sub-cultures. While some pieces may already be spotted on the courts at Wimbledon, the full collection will launch globally on July 3rd.