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    A Deuce and a Quarter.

    A new book released by photographer Vinca Petersen documents Four Women's Road tripping across the United States in the late 90’s

    Photographer Vinca Petersen has released a new publication entitled ‘A Deuce and A Quarter’ . The publication documents a road trip she did along with her three closest friends in 1999, across the vast lands of the United States. The series reveals an intimacy which can only occur in friendship and a sense of freedom which is only afforded on the road. Each photograph feel like little windows into her youth, each frame taken with a gentle curiosity. Eyes open for wonder and excitement. About her road trip, Petersen states‘ “I remember most strongly feeling free. We were four women moving through the world harmoniously, on a mission, so of course we partied and no, we didn’t fight.”. For Petersen this series is a very personal one, one that tackles themes of memory, nostalgia and emotion.