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    A Bowie Revival.

    Francesca Maffeo Gallery is holding a exhibition in Honour of David Bowie and the shots taken by Geoff MacCormack.

    Francesca Maffeo Gallery is hosting the exhibition “David Bowie, The Geoff MacCormack Collection”. This will be the first solo show of these intimate photographs between the two friends who travelled side by side from 1973-1976.

    In addition to the photographs the gallery will be showing “The Long Way Home” a cine film shot by Bowie. The film features a trip he took from Japan, on ‘The Tran Siberia Express,’ to Moscow for the ‘May Day Parade’. The candid images capture a quieter, more intimate side to the enigmatic singer who died in 2016.

    “‘The party that lasted for three years’ was recorded in endearingly intimate ‘holiday snaps’,” says the Francesca Maffeo gallery. “While always one to adopt a pose, the feeling here is of an unguarded Bowie – almost as though these are shots from a family photo album. The sense of two mates – one of whom just happened to have become a rock star – having riotous good times is palpable. So much so, that a seasoned music journalist became tearful on seeing these photos.”

    ‘David Bowie: The Geoff MacCormack Collection at the Francesca Maffeo Gallery is on view until April 14th.