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    Celebrating Talent.

    Winners of Getty Images grant announced.

    Getty Images has announced the winners of their yearly photography grant. The photography platform provides a total of forty five thousand dollars to photojournalists with powerful visual identities and narratives. The recipients of the grant are Rose Marie Cronwell for her project ‘_King of Fish_’, Giulio Di Sturco for ‘Areopolis, The Way We Will Live Next’ and Leonard Pongo for ‘The Uncanny’.
    Rosie Marie Cronwell’s ‘_King of Fish_’ takes a socio-political approach to the macro phenomena and its relation to micro level manifestations in society. She investigates how wider processes of globalization impact small communities in Panama. Her project includes depictions of police clashes and protest mixed with subtle moments of introspection and calm.
    Leonard Pongo’s ‘The Uncanny’ documents day to day living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Themes of religion, sadness, struggle and joy are imbedded intimately into the fabric of the series, showing a surreal depiction of the country.
    Giullio Di Sturco’s project ‘Areopolis, The Way We Will Live Next’ views the development of city structures through a dystopic eye. A postmodern alienation dominates each frame, where individuals are swallowed by perfected and impersonal architectural structures, producing a sense of profound loneliness.
    Senior Vice President for Content Ken Mainardis stated on behalf of Getty Images that “...they are delighted to be able to support and foster this (remarkable talent) further, by bringing these thought-provoking and important international issues to light – issues that without funding, may otherwise remain unseen.”