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    Urs Lüthi

    Multi media artist Urs Lüthi and his iconic and thought provoking self portraits.

    Urs Lüthi is a Swiss eclectic and innovative conceptual artist. During his career he experimented with a wide range of styles and techniques. From photography, sculpture, performance, silk-screen, video and painting. His most iconic pieces are from his self portraiture, where he invokes his alter ego to embody his persona. These works invites his viewers into vital periods and moments that have influenced his life; like relationships, global issues, brands and advertising. Lüthi’s has exhibited his work in several European cities, such as Galerie Tanit in Munich, Studio Morra, Naples and Studio Marconi. In 2001, he participated in Venice Biennale by exhibiting himself – lying in the middle of the room in the Swiss pavilion. Since 1994 Lüthi has been a university professor in Kassel, Germany.