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    For his fashion story The Quiet Man, Romanian photographer Chris Devour collaborated for the first time with ASERICA. We asked him about his background and his passion for photography.

    My name is Chris Devour, and I am a 22-year-old photographer based in Oradea, Romania. I have a BA in International Relations and European Studies, but my true passion has always been Photography and Art in general. Growing up, I used to collect photos, toys and just about anything that I found thought was beautiful. I guess that is how I developed sensitivity to expressing myself better visually, and photography seemed like the best way to do that.

    I started with some small digital cameras then moved to a DSLR. I always believed that photography was more about the creativity and the idea behind the picture and less about the technical part. I love taking portraits of people, but I always try to expand my domain of work to other things as well, while keeping a touch of my own style. I usually don't ask my models to model, but just to be themselves in order to capture their true expressions.

    Although I live in a small town in North Western Romania, I had the opportunity to work with great people, friends, models & fashion designers, bands, artists and so on. I believe that if you truly want to get something done, you can always get creative with the resources you have. I usually let my photos speak for themselves.