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    German photographer Karin Szekessy, born in 1938, is known for her dreamy black and white photographs of nymph-like women. Over her career she’s lectured on fashion photography, shot hundreds of covers for a German publishing house and portraiture of her peers.

    Photographer Karin was born in Essen, Germany, in 1938, moving to Munich in the late 1950s to study at the Institut fur Bildjournalismus (Institute of Photojournalism). After graduation she started out taking photos of dolls before moving onto nudes in 1963, a shift that corresponded with her meeting her late husband, painter, sculptor and graphic designer, Paul Wunderlich. During the late 1960s she taught at Hamburg’s School of Arts and Crafts in the fashion department teaching fashion photography. Karin’s work is characterized by its black and white nude portraits of women - images her husband would often reproduce in his paintings in “Magical Realist” style and in lithographs. Karin’s works have been featured in countless books and magazines, and has been the focus of several exhibitions across Germany and around the world. Between 1984 and 1987 she produced roughly 300 detective novel cover photos for Ullsteinhaus book publishers in Berlin. Now 76, she splits her time between Hamburg and the south of France. Books of her photography include Correspondenzen/Transpositions (1977), a collaborative work with husband Paul. She also shot a series  of portraits of her contemporaries between 1962-7 entitled Zeitgenossen.