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    I was born in Staten Island, New York. I’ve wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. I actually just moved to Los Angeles to continue that chase.

    AM: Where were you born?

    DL: I was born in Staten Island, New York.

    AM: What was your dream as a kid?

    DL: I’ve wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. I actually just moved to Los Angeles to continue that chase.

    AM: How did you start taking photos professionally?

    DL: I played a photographer in a film. The director was helpful in pointing me in a certain direction. Once we finished filming, I took a large detour from acting to focus on photography.

    AM: What are the things that inspire you the most?

    DL: I always say cinema and women when I am asked this question lately. I watch all movies with a furrowed brow, very focused. When I see a good movie, I want to make a good movie. I’ve always and obviously been really taken by interesting women as well.

    AM: What is the Importance of travel in your work?

    DL: Being in different cities in different countries is extremely inspiring to me. Me and my girlfriend just drove across the country and WOW what an experience. We actually didn’t shoot very much, but it was meditative and I bet it will benefit both of our work in Los Angeles.

    AM: How would you define your photography?

    DL: I photograph people ( mostly women ) very naturally and from a very subtle point of view. It’s portraiture and fine art photography and sometimes fashion photography.

    AM: What was the best memory you have taking photos?

    DL: I did a road trip to Montreal by myself a couple of years ago. I don’t know if the photos were all that amazing, but I had a truly great time hanging out by myself and taking pictures for modeling agencies in my air bnb.

    AM: What do you consciously look for when you take pictures?

    DL: The lighting, the facial expression, the position of the body, the surroundings. That’s probably the order too.

    AM: What event you wish you’d witnessed?

    DL: Michael Richards’ audition for Kramer would have been pretty great to see.

    AM: What would you say is your great masterpiece?

    DL: I made a feature film last year..Crazy Cat Lady. I wrote, directed, shot, edited, everything myself and I am really proud of the film’s turnout.

    AM: What was your greatest adventure?

    DL: Driving across the country with my girlfriend was a pretty great adventure.

    AM: What is your biggest dream right now?

    DL: My dream is to be working happily as an actor. I’d even be happy as a director / filmmaker. I love movies and acting a lot. I moved to a new city on the opposite side of the US to focus on this dream and I want to succeed in the worst way.

    AM: Any questions about your future?

    DL: Will I have children? Do I have to register my car in Los Angeles? What happens with my health insurance? When will I go home to see my family? When will I get my first audition? When is my next photo gig? Will my couch arrive on Tuesday like the people said it would? When will my sore throat go away? How long can I sit like this before my leg falls asleep?