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    In 2011, Leica awarded the Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award to Chinese amateur photographer Jing Huang, recognising the Guangzhou native’s meanderings in the black and white format. Here, Jing invites us into his grainy world, with unique depictions of everyday things that elevate them into surreality.
    Interview by Bek van Vliet.

    BVV: How would you describe your own photographic work/style?

    HJ: I am an amateur at photography. I focus on daily life and the items that are related to me. I would not travel on purpose, in order to take a shot. Therefore, it is difficult for me describe my own style.

    BVV: Let's talk about grain - what is it about the aesthetic of grainy shots that appeals to you?

    HJ: Due to my major in fine arts, the first awareness of grain came from canvas. The strokes of toners on canvas are similar to the grains of black and white photos. This is a kind of texture for me.

    BVV: You have a preference for black and white - is there a specific reason? Does working with colour hold any appeal to you?

    HJ: I like colourful pictures as well. However, I am not good at taking colourful pictures. I tried this kind of style before, but it didn't work out very well. In addition, my topics are too normal. By black and white, my works are able to express a decent feeling.

    BVV: What sorts of subjects always inspires you?

    HJ: It is hard to tell. It could be everything, such as some inconspicuous items.

    BVV: What themes and metaphors do you most like to explore through your photography?

    HJ: I hope all of my works can build up an atmosphere together in order to convey some emotions to the viewers, like loneliness, strange, quietness etc. It depends on the visitors; what do they feel about the works? I see my pictures as a mirror. The mirror doesn't have any contents, but it can reflect everything.