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    White Noise.

    French singer, artist and writer Lescop is sharing his top 10 songs where he draws inspiration from.
    White Noise.
    Photography by Francois Rotger.

    Lescop- hailed as a ‘nouvelle icon de la cold wave’ has curated a list of top ten songs playing in his head phones. As an artist, Lescop draws inspiration from music what hit the scene from around the time of his birth. This can be seen through the selection he created for us. From indie rock right through to Motown, get your ears ready for a cool collection of classics and new music.

    1- Alain Kan- "Une espèce de Lolita... toute verte!"
    I’m totally obsessed with this song right now. I love the whole album but this song in particular. I think the lyrics in this song are genius! It’s a mix between control and improvisation. Alain Kan an incredible performer. His style is a mix of Glam Rock and surrealistic poetry, sung in a cabaret tone. Very bold and goofy at the same time!

    2- David Bowie - “Somebody Up There Likes Me"
    I always have a “Bowie song of the moment”. Its constantly changing to match my mood. Its previously been
    Stone Love, Fashion, Sound and Vision, Fame, Station to Station, China Girl, I'm Afraid of Americans etc…
    These days it is "Somebody Up There Likes Me”. I fell in love with it again after listening to "Alternative Gouster Mix”. The vocals in this mix is incredible! Bowie is a classic and can speak to me at all times in my life.

    3- Vince Staples - “Pimp Hand"
    I think this guy is the future for American Rap. Vince Staples manages to gather traditional and modern Hip Hop to create his own unique style.

    4- The Weekend: "I Feel It Coming"
    If Bowie was doing “ 3Young Americans” today, I think it would sound like this.

    5- Petite Noir: "MDR"
    Petite Noir is from South Africa, and I think his style is the future for Pop music in his country. The mix of New Wave and Afro- beat is fresh and uplifting.

    6- The Supremes "Stoned Love"
    Shut up and Listen.

    8- Metronomy -“Back Together"
    I’m pretty sure he stole his intro from "Ainsi soit-il” from the french singer Louis Chedid… but its still a good song.

    9- Frustration - "Cause You Ran Away"
    Finally you can dance to something both intense and cutting edge, it’s becoming pretty rare these days.
    I think he’s the best Punk singer since Johnny Rotten & Paul Weller - I really mean it!

    10- Light Asylum - "Dark Alliés"
    This track follows me everywhere. I find it intense yet irresistible.