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    The strange Antipodes.

    Belgian expatriate Wouter documents the diverse and sometimes desperate landscapes of outback Australia, to international acclaim. 
    The strange Antipodes.

    Based in the nation’s capital city, Wouter travels the countryside of Australia, often finding himself on road trips, capturing the changing terrain - small pieces of Australiana that range from the mundane to the otherworldly - sometimes both simultaneously.
    The photos featured here are taken from a collection of sets by Wouter - from a vacation in New Zealand, sites around New South Wales, Australia and ‘over seas’ in France and Belgium. Ethereal and cinematic, Wouter’s images create a sense of intrigue, no matter the subject.

    You can see more of his works at  and http://woutervandevoorde.com/

    Recently, one of his pictures from the series 'Wasteland' was featured in the New York Times'Look column http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/15/magazine/mad-maxs-disciples.html?_r=0. Depicting the Mad Max-style cars and apocalyptic landscapes of the Wasteland Cup, held just outside Canberra.