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    The brave

    Thai native model, Tonsai Amartayakul shares with Aserica his story about growing up in big city Bangkok, his most desired travel destinations and what drives him as a professional in the fashion industry.
    The brave
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard.

    A: What’s your name?

    T: My name is Tonsai Amartayakul. In Thai, Tonsai means the start of line route, lake or river.

    A: Where were you born? What is it like there?

    T: I was born in 1996 in Bangkok. Many people who live in this city aren't actually from Bangkok, I was born and raised here. My first home was near the downtown of the city centre. Because I have lived here my whole life, I find this city a little boring at times. But it is my home, and I am happy to be here especially because my family is here.

    A: Back then when you were a child, did you dream of travelling around the world one day like you do now?

    T: When I was child I really wanted to explore to Europe. Especially the Netherlands and the UK. I still do! But before I decide to travel, I am planning to focus on my work in the fashion industry and my studies.

    A: Is there something you really miss from your old place?

    T: I miss my childhood school friends. There is nothing comparable to the close bonds of old friends.

    A: Are you still in touch with your friends back home?

    T: I haven't kept in touch with my friends from my childhood, but social media is a wonderful tool to reconnect. A few of my friends have found me through my Facebook and we have made plans to visit and catch up.

    A: What’s the most important thing for you right now?

    T: That is a difficult decision! But my family, friends, clothes and my books are some of the things I cherish most.

    A: What is the most beautify picture (of you) that you ever saw? Was it a “professional” picture? Or was it just a friend/family taking it?

    T: I really like all of my photos in my photo book. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing photographers, but my favourite photos that have been taken of me are candids. I think this style of photography shows my character, personal style and my comfort in front of a camera best.

    A: When you have a new beautiful picture in your book, do you want to share it with your friends? or is it something you keep aside, just for work?

    T: I love sharing my photos with my friends, family and social media followers. I usually post them on my Facebook and Instagram.

    A: Is there a place you’d dream to go to? A trip that you’re dreaming of? A place that you always thought “this is a place for me - one day”?

    T: Right now I am mostly focusing on my career in fashion and modelling in Bangkok. There are places that I dream of going, but I am always changing as a person, so my dream destinations change as well. The future is so unpredictable!

    A: One last question: do you have a facebook where you share your pictures? An instagram?

    T: You can find me on Facebook at Tonsai Amartayakul and on Instagram at @jackbluebones