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    Susan Meiselas.

    Introducing American photographer Susan Meiselas , Magnum Photos member and war reporter.
    Susan Meiselas.

    American photographer Susan Meiselas is best known for her work in Nicaragua where she covered the insurrections against the Somoza regime. But her live at risk she covered the violent uprisings in the region with intense detail. Her work remained deeply committed to human rights in Latin America. In 1976 she joined Magnum photos cementing her role as a committed freelance photographer covering regions of conflict. Her work extended beyond Latin America and photography though, in 1997 she ventured into curating working on a 6 year project revolving around Kurdistan. Her most recent work A Room of their Own (2015-2016) investigates experiences of women in a refuge in Black Country, UK. A testament to her unrelenting dedication to the photographic practice. She has in her lifetime won many awards including The Robert Capa Gold Medal and the Leica Award for Excellence.