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    Shanghai Lane Culture .

    Nostalgic photography by Lu Yang.
    Shanghai Lane Culture .

    A Shanghai native, Lu Yang studied painting and graphic design before turning to photography in 2009. Yang was drawn to photography through magazines and quickly fell in love with the notion of recording memories and the ability to express emotion through the lens. Heavily influenced by the music and television series of the 1980’s, Yang’s photography style has a real retro vibe.

    The photo series ‘Shanghai Lane Culture’ was shot from 2010 to 2012 in the lanes of Shanghai, showing the fading traces of a once vibrant history. The images capture the charm of Shanghai lanes that were once rich with customs and stories of local culture, which is slowly disappearing to make way for a more dynamic and modern city. Some of the people n the photographs were born there, others arrived in Shanghai hoping to make their fortune.

    Yang takes you on a beautiful journey down memory lane, portraying real people in their nostalgic homes and workplaces. What remains of the lanes is a rare sense of community amongst its inhabitants who remain steadfast in their way of life.