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    Neon Boy, Martin Kohout Photographed by Matthieu Lunard, Fashion Editor Akekaluk Sangjunda.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard Fashion Editor Akekaluk Sangjunda.

    AM: What’s your name?

    MK: My name is Martin Kohout

    AM:  Where were you born? How  what is it like back there? try to describe a little bit what it feels like in your hometown.

    MK: I grew up in a small town on the western side of the Czech Republic called Planá. There is beautiful nature that surrounds Planá. It was a lovely place for growing up and develop as a child. But like most small towns, It is too small for making a real progress in life.

    AM:  What is the earliest memory you have from your childhood?

    MK: I can remember a trip with my father. We went to a river and the sun was shining all round us. I remember sitting under the branches of the surrounding trees and the sun was shining through. True magic.

    AM: Back then when you were a child, did you dream of travelling around the world one day like you do now?

    MK: Yes definitely! I knew from the very beginning that were so many things that I had to see and experience.

    AM:  Is there something you really miss from your old place?

    MK: I miss my family and the beer!

    AM: Are you still in touch with your friends back home?

    MK: Absolutely, but as I get older I realize we are all on our own paths and journeys.

    AM: What’s the most important thing for you right now?

    MK: The most important thing for me right now is to focus and develop myself as a human being, an artist and as a model.

    AM: Do you feel that you’re here (in Paris, NYC, London, etc) for a reason, that you were destined to it, or was it just random, luck?

    MK: Everything has a reason comes at the right time in someones life. Life is a lesson and an experience that we have to move through to grow and expand as humans. Its important to me to believe that everything we do has a purpose.

    AM:  What was the best memory you have?

    MK: It is hard to say since I try and live my life to the fullest! The first thing that came to mind was the flashback of my art exhibition back in Czech republic. A very proud moment for myself.

    AM:  What is the most beautify picture (of you) that you ever saw? Was it a “professional” picture? Or was it just a friend/family taking it?

    MK: This question feels like a trap! I don't really want to point out just one piece of work. That would be disrespectful to the rest of all the great photographers and crews with whom I've had the honour to work with. Lately, I love my latest work. Wether its modeling or art projects, I love the new creative energy that I have.

    AM: When you have a new beautiful picture in your book, do you want to share it with your friends? or is it something you keep aside, just for work?

    MK: Of course I share! We live in the age of social media! Its also part of my job as a model.

    AM:  Is there a place you’d dream to go to? A trip that you’re dreaming of? A place that you always thought “this is a place for me - one day”?

    MK: Definitely Machu Picchu in Peru.

    AM: One last question: do you have a facebook where you share your pictures? An instagram?

    MK: Yes and you can follow me on both! For Facebook search for Kohy Martin, and my Instagram is @kohymartin. Stay tuned! Peace!