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    Moscow Moments.

    Capturing the unique spirit of the people of public transport in Moscow.
    Moscow Moments.

    Russian photographer, Nina Ai-Artyan, captures everyday life in Moscow and has a particular passion for candid shots of people on the subway and buses of Moscow.

    Nina began her career as a fashion designer after graduating from the Textile University of Moscow, but around 2003 she stumbled into photography and hasn’t looked back since. She has a deep passion for photography and seeks to capture moments of harmony in the world. She explained to Aserica, “I think that the irresistible desire of human beings to portray their lives, nowadays with photographs and in the past with paintings, is somehow connected to a metaphysical astonishment of their own existence”.

    This photo series was shot entirely on Moscow’s public transport, driven by a desire to simply capture the reality of normal situations and the unique atmosphere of commuters. Nina always has her camera in her hand and her observant eye, and would often see interesting people to capture on her way somewhere and other times would go specifically to seek out the people to photograph.

    Nina’s style is varied, raw and captivating with a true talent for street photography. Her candid images reveal a myriad of emotions of the commuters of Moscow; the self-absorbed, the reflective, the contemplative, the sad.