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    Land of Mist

    Nikita Erphene captures the Château de Chambord enveloped by fog in an eerie atmosphere.
    Land of Mist
    Photography by Nikita Erphene.

    Nikita Erphene is a photographer born in Russia but lived largely in Paris. After his studies at Institut d'Etudes politiques de Paris, he started to work at the Louvre. There he fostered an interest in neoclassics and ancient statues. Nikita now works as a fashion make-up artist with a passion for photography. The series shown above, depicts the Château de Chambord in a “Land of Mist”, captured in black and white to truly embody the atmosphere.

    ‘In the autumn mist, it appears to us fleeting and timeless, nestled along a river in the heart of a forest, like a jewel in a specifically crafted box, impressive in its size and decoration. Engulfed in this soft haze, it melts in its unspoilt scenery, and at the first glimmer of dawn, it reappears, little by little, magical and majestic.’
    - Nikita Erphene