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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.


    Franklin Village.

    Boys of LA photographed by Jenna Putnam.
    Franklin Village.
    Text & photography by Jenna Putnam.

    Washed up on silver shores
    you emerged from the sea
    in the lilac dawn of summer
    you came to me in a dream and,
    where are you now?

    I imagine you in an empty room
    writing poetry in white light
    exactly where I left you
    in an old world somewhere pretty

    It’s winter in New York
    and you’ve got the
    brightest eyes in California
    this house still smells the same
    so transformed, yet nothing’s changed

    Stumbling down sun-drenched streets
    sped up in your torn blue jeans
    you came to me in a dream and,
    summer died too quickly.

    Jenna Putnam is a photographer and writer based in New York City. She focuses primarily on portraits, poetry, and prose and is currently working on her first book, 'Hold Still'.