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    Conceptual Lo-Fi Fashion.

    Moldavian conceptual project Тинереце mixes Soviet aesthetics with contemporary fashion.
    Conceptual Lo-Fi Fashion.
    Photography and post by Ira Condrea, Style and video production by Alexander Antoniu.

    Тинереце.raw is a conceptual lo-fi photo project which aims to embody the spirit of contemporary youth culture. It is produced in Chisinau, Moldova. The name is derived from the Romanian word “tinerete”, meaning youthfulness. «тинереце» is the Moldavian adaptation of the word - springing out of the Cyrillic alphabet and used before 1991 specifically for Romanian words.

    The conceptual driving force behind the project is the ambition to show new aesthetic senses and ideals. The project establishes connections between Soviet Architecture, vintage and contemporary sportswear and the habits of the new generation, who shape their own identity by appropriating world fashion trends while mixing them with territorial features unique to their region.

    Тинереце.raw is the first project in the brand family Тинереце. All photos are staged in Chisinau, Moldova and taken between April and June 2018.