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    Blue Boy

    Blue Boy, Egor Svetsky photographed by Jennifer Medina.
    Blue Boy

    Jennifer Medina photographs la vie en rose, her world appears to us behind rose coloured glasses. She is receiving credit for her pink and purple portraits on Instagram, and making music videos for artists like Hundred Waters and her own duo, Dream Girl. Keep up with her @lulannie.

    AM: Where were you born?
    JM: Caracas, Venezuela.

    AM: What was your dream as a kid?
    JM: To make music and take photos. Just like I am!

    AM: How did you start taking photos professionally?
    JM: I was shooting my friends a lot and people started reaching out from the internet to shoot them.

    AM: What are the things that inspire you the most?
    JM: Music and being in a new country.

    AM: What is the importance of travel in your work?
    JM: Extremely important, I truly believe you learn so much while you travel, you become more open minded and understanding of others. I try to travel at any chance possible, I’m always looking at plane tickets on the internet.

    AM: How would you define your photography?
    JM: Like a vivid dream.

    AM: What was the best memory you have taking photos?
    JM: Every-time I do a new shoot they become my favourite memory because I am so excited about them, and also because I have terrible memory.

    AM: What do you consciously look for when you take pictures?
    JM: o make the person see themselves in the photo later and love what they see.

    AM: What would you say is your great masterpiece?
    JM: They always change.. Currently though it’s a music video I made for my friends Hundred Waters which will come out soon.

    AM: What was your greatest adventure?
    JM: One that comes to mind vividly is when I was in Colombia with all my friends and we got stranded on an island, everything that could go wrong was happening, but we somehow made it out.

    AM: What is your biggest dream right now? 
    JM: Shoot a music video in Japan.