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    Belgrade Urban Decadence.

    Serbian photographer Tatjana Radičević captures her city and its youth to show a different side to the Eastern European metropolis.
    Belgrade Urban Decadence.
    Photography by Tatjana Radičević.

    Serbian photographer, Tatjana Radičević was born in central Serbia and his been living and working in Belgrade for the past decade. Captivated by the gritty and unexpected beauty of the capital city, her photographs capture the essence of a modern day Belgrade - outspoken and adventurous youth, a proud city bursting with activity and a myriad of architecture packed with socialist blocks in between art nouveau structures.

    Tatjana is hugely inspired by Belgrade, the city she describes as ‘the best city in the world’. Her models tend to be friends, family or interesting people she spots around town. Her images show the new-world youth, tattooed and full of life, amongst the old-world culture of the streets of the city.