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    Be' Narat Sumitra Photographed by Matthieu Lunard.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard

    My name is Narat Sumitra. I was born in Betong, Yala, in South Thailand in 1986. When I was 15, I moved to Chiang Mai. There I worked in a night club. Life there was quite but I loved it. Till now I enjoyed living in quiet, isolated places. Today I have settled down in Rangsit, far from Bangkok city center.

    My father was a soldier, he was mixed English and Thai. He taught me about discipline, a quality I still respect to this day. It was my dream to become a soldier like my father. I believe that a wise man, in a time of peace, prepares for war.

    When I was 27, I moved to Bangkok to work as a model. To me, fashion isn’t extremely important, but my father is my style icon. He had a minimal style, like I do. I always wear black.

    In 2014, I opened a café, I am now a full time café owner and a part time model. My biggest passion is coffee, and my dream is to build up my café to put it on the map. I spend time on Instagram, because it is a way of getting my café out there.

    I started doing tattoos at seventeen years old. My tattoos are inspired by soulful music and art, and they represent me because they are inspired by my art. My favourite bands are RYME, the XX, and Lana Del Rey. I will absolutely get more tattoos in my life, but maybe next year when some new inspiration hits.

    In my spare time i love watching football with my friends, and in the future I would like to travel around the world and try different kinds of coffee. So far, I have seen New York, Malaysia, and South Korea. New York was my favourite because the coffee was great, and I loved taking the subway. Next, I would like to go to Mexico or Brazil, because it is the country of football and coffee.