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    Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2015: PATCHY CAKE EATER by Jus Vun.

    A favourite Japanese label, designed by Shigeki Morino, brings us more bright colours, interesting patterns and dramatic silhouettes for SS2015.

    Modern Japanese fashionistas have never baulked at adopting whole new personas through clothes. Crossing over with costume, street fashion is bold and eccentric, often borrowing from the West, and from Japanese traditions new and old. Patchy Cake Eater is different, however. Designer Shigeki Morino designs just for him, staying clear of any outside while he designs. The “Patchy” in his label’s name refers to the hodge-podge of styles that usually comprise his looks – and this season is no difference. There’s a US gangster-style look of the 1920s with boxy overcoats, loose suits and black hats. There’s an oddball “carnie” aesthetic in silky striped shorts paired with cowboy boots. Matchy-matchy floral-print ensembles satisfy the “cake eater” part of the brand, though the collection is far less dandy than previous seasons.