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    Timeless and Personal.

    Aserica welcomes back Danny Lane for his second contributing piece. This time, Lane shares a series of black and white, nude photos that give off a mood and tone of relaxation and playfulness.
    Photography by Danny Lane Interview by Natalie Malheiro.

    NM: In your exclusive for Aserica, you chose to shoot with black and white film. Is this your usual medium? Why did you choose film?

    DL: Film always! I always shoot with film. It’s better. I have been shooting exclusively with black and white film recently because I’m better at scanning black and white film. I know that’s not a very romantic answer! I just discovered this scanning technique that I love and I’m sticking with it for a while.

    NM: Why did you shoot your model, Ashely, nude? What about humans natural form inspires you?

    DL: Nudity is timeless and personal. When photographed respectfully and comfortably, I believe a person feels more sincere when they are nude. Clothing puts a date on a photo. Clothing has a certain fit and style. The human form is the most beautiful and honest presence. Two people can wear the same outfit, but they can never wear the same skin.

    NM: The tone and mood of this series is playful and relaxed, was this a reflection of the process?

    DL:The mood was definitely relaxed, but I am not sure how playful it was. Well, I don’t know - Ashley does do a belly flop onto her bed! We did have a nice amount of laughs too. So - yes actually. You nailed it!

    NM: Where did you shoot the series? Why did you choose this location?

    DL: We shot at Ashley’s home in LA which was really close to my home. I almost always shoot people where they live. It seems like the safest and most comfortable option.

    NM: Ashley exudes a nonchalant and relaxed mood, almost as if you caught her on the morning of her day off. Was this the concept behind the story?

    DL: We didn’t really have a “concept” for the shoot. Unless, “Ashley nude at home with no makeup on” is a concept. She has an amazing place and she is really cool. Organically the shoot sort of just became whatever it is.

    NM: With the playfulness of shadows and the dark and light tones, it looks like you shot this series with natural light. Why did you choose to keep this series natural?

    DL: Lately, I am shooting with natural light only. Maybe it has something to do with determination. Photography is so personally challenging and I think working with natural light will always be worth the fight. I just simply like the way it looks better too. There are so many different personalities to natural light. Bringing a face into a shadow or out of a shadow changes the character of your subject so drastically.

    NM: These photos have a “bare-all” feeling to them. From the nudity, lighting and Ashley’s relaxed energy. Is there something about this mood that attracts you to document it?

    DL: Yes of course. That phrasing seems a bit voyeuristic though, and I’m not sure if that’s the case. I’m very-much-so present with my subject. In this case, me and Ashley are working together..so documentation may not be the word. But I do love a ‘relaxed energy.’ Relaxed, comfortable, casual, subtle. These are a few of my favorite things. Ashley was truly just so perfect for this type of a vibe.