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    The Season.

    Brianna Beasley Photographed by Lauren Withrow.
    Photography and text by Lauren Withrow.

    "Your heart beats from your chest, syncing with the mother birds that chirp from their nests, seeking their companions. A crisp fall breeze slips the through invisible holes in the window sill and the light filters through, illuminating your face as we wander the rooms of my grandfather's home.

    Two years have gone by.

    The Texas air is clean. It is what our lungs feel most comfortable with. Our movements mimic each other and our exchanges remind me of ones that only occur between decades of friendship. My mind slips, imagining thirty years from now, wrinkles filling our faces, bones starting to ache. Together we will always remember these days spent during our youth, free of the responsibilities of adulthood, enjoying the minutes as they pass us by.

    Each leaf falls slowly as the seasons changes. Pecans cover the earth, we gather them, and together we sit, cracking one shell at a time, enjoying the words shared in between indulging in the fruits of my grandfather's tree. Another year will pass, and again we will sit here, enjoying the memories only you and I will share. "