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    The Modernist.

    The creative director behind The Villa Stylist, Mariano Oviedo, tells us about his latest photo series shot by Guido Grosso.
    Photography by Guido Grosso, Stylist The Villa Stylist, clothes from @luolaig.

    It's not often that we hear from the stylists behind photoshoots. But whenever we get the opportunity we love to interview Mariano Oviedo; the stylist and creative director at The Villa Stylist. Mariano is sharing his newest publication for The Villa Stylist called Charles.

    NM: How did you first get into styling and fashion?

    MO: Ever since I was child I loved playing with my mother's clothes. I loved dressing up and and assembling outfits. At 17 I started studying to become a Fashion Designer. After graduating, I presented my thesis at the Museum of Architecture of Buenos Aires (Argentina). I realized that I most enjoyed generating styling and publishing fashion production. I decided to start with my project The Villa Stylist. As the creative director I develop editorials and work for clothing brands in the world of fashion styling and production.

    NM: What was the main theme or inspiration behind this shooting?

    MO: What inspired this editorial was model, Charly He is from Córdoba, Argentina. I was so inspired by him because Charly has an autoimmune disease where his own body rejects his hair follicles. This means his hair grows in various sections and patches. I found his look and hair very interesting.

    NM: Who else was apart in the making of this shooting?

    MO:Guido Grosso (@guido_grosso) was the photographer. Ro Digliodo (@rodigliodomakeupp) was the makeup artist and The Villa Stylist (@villastylist) in styling. Check out their work!

    NM:What are some of the brands you are using?

    MO:The clothes are from a local shop here in Argentina called Luola (@luolaig). The brands we used are JT (@jtbyjt) Herschel Supply (@herschelsupply).

    NM:What inspired you to use the iconic work of Keith Harring?

    MO: It was just a coincidence, since I liked the morphology of the garment and ended up coinciding with the aesthetics of the editorial.

    NM:The pearl adornments on the models head is very interesting. Pearls are usually viewed as a status of class, was this something that you were trying to convey through styling?

    MO: Not exactly. The idea of placing pearls on Charly's head was just an interesting way to fill in the gaps where Charly does not grow hair. It also draws attention to his uniqueness.

    NM: Which is your favourite shot and why?

    MO: The photograph that I like the most is the one with the jacket tied over his head.