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    The Darkest Hour

    The Darkest Hour, Zen Photographed by Masha Demianova.

    We talk to young Russian photographer, Masha Demianova, about her inspiration and dreams.

    AM: Where were you born?

    MD: I was born in Moscow, Russia

    AM: What was your dream as a kid?

    MD: It was to live in America

    AM: When did you start taking photos professionally?

    MD: I started at around 22 years old

    AM: What are the things that inspire you the most?

    MD: Movies, philosophy, nature

    AM: What is the importance of travel in your work?

    MD: It’s always important to have a ‘fresh’ point of view, so you need to move around, everywhere can be inspiring

    AM: How would you define your photography?

    MD: For me it’s a way to perceive the world and transmit it into a certain form, what comes from it – it’s up to the viewer

    AM: What was the best memory you have taking photos?

    MD: In my dreams I take perfect pictures

    AM: What do you consciously look for when you take pictures?

    MD: To reflect something that is important to my eye, not be too nervous or too distracted

    AM: What event do you wish you had witnessed? 

    MD: My grandma’s death

    AM: What would you say is your great masterpiece?

    MD: I wouldn’t use these kind of strong words talking about my own work

    AM: What was your greatest adventure?

    MD: Each individual experience is precious

    AM: What is your biggest dream right now?

    MD: Taking my whole family to the Grand Canyon, I know it’s my dad’s dream and I wish to make it true.

    AM: Any questions about your future?

    MD: I don’t have any, we’ll see