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    Aserica met with Takuya Nakamura, a world-traveller and passionate model from Japan. Taku speaks openly about his life, his dreams and his future.
    Photography by Matthieu Lunard.

    AM: What’s your name?

    TN: My name is Takuya Nakamura. People call me "Taku" so I often use it as my modelling name.

    AM: Where were you born? What is it like there? Try to describe a little bit what it feels like to be in your hometown.

    TN: I am from Japan. Born in Shizuoka city which is between Tokyo and Osaka. Close to "the Mt. Fuji", the highest mountain in Japan. It's almost 4000 meters high. Near by the sea and a famous lake. I guess growing up in this environment made me love the wilderness.

    AM: What is the earliest memory you have from your childhood?

    TN: My earliest memory from childhood is when I was four years old. I was on the beach with my parents and our neighbor’s family. We were enjoying our day but suddenly a big wave hit me and I almost drowned. I can still remember being under the water, seeing the shining blue sky. Normally when these kind of things happen at a young age, the traumatic memory makes it hard to go back in the water. But for me, I am still loving it. I wanted to overcome the trauma so I studied psychology for 4 years at University.

    AM: Back then when you were a child, did you dream of travelling around the world one day like you do now?

    TN: As a teenager I could never have imagined that one day I would travel around the world. But I was always in need of new experiences. Now I can not get enough. I keep on traveling more and more.

    AM: Is there something you really miss from your old place?

    TN: I'm missing the USA. 10 years ago I was in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Back then I couldn't speak English at all and was not a model either. But if I can go there again, I want to try to stay and work in the same industry. It is going to be very tough but I have the confidence that I can achieve great things.

    AM: Are you still in touch with your friends back home?

    TN: My friends from my hometown are mostly all married. Some people have kids already so it's difficult to meet them, as I always come back at random times. But when I do they always find a way to meet and have a few drinks.

    AM: Do you feel that you’re here (in Paris, NYC, London, etc) for a reason, that you were destined to it, or was it just random, luck?

    TN: Why am I here? I guess destiny brought me where I am now. Whenever I am invited to go somewhere, I always say “yes”. That's why my passport is almost full of stamps. I fly around 100 times per year. I believe people should be more adventurous, not hesitate, just go for it.

    AM: What was the best memory you have?

    TN: The best memory... many. But I think deciding which high school to go to. In Japan as in any other country, we must go to elementary and secondary school . But after that, you have to decide what you want to do with your future. Study? Work? Travel? It was the first time I had the freedom to decide about what to do in my professional life. I like to get attention. I figured that modeling was the best way. Although I realised it is probably not enough. I am hoping to find a new direction soon.

    AM: What is the most beautiful picture (of you) that you ever saw? Was it a “professional” picture? Or was it just a friend/family member taking it?

    TN: The most beautiful picture for me, is the latest one I think, one that shows my real personality. Day by day people gain more experiences, like for instance the scars on my face that are getting more visible. I believe when I die, I will be at my most beautiful.

    AM; Is there a place you’d dream to go to? A trip that you’re dreaming of? A place that you always thought “this is a place for me - one day”?

    TN: I dream to go to my child's wedding. Kind of hard to imagine now but I hope he will share the same passion for traveling as I do. Let’s hope it's not going to be in the Antarctic....