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    Silent Communication.

    Photographer Guido Grosso shares his newest series “Harlem”.
    Photography by Guido Grosso, Fashion Editor Mariano Oviedo

    Guido Grosso has a deep connection with life and his surroundings. This is easy to sense this through his newest series “Harlem” (styled by Mariano from The Villa Stylist). In “Harlem”, Grosso used body language and his appreciation of people watching to develop an ongoing yet silent form of communication. We interviewed Grosso to find out more about his passion for photography.

    NM: Where are you from?

    GG: I am from Córdoba, Argentina.

    NM: When did you start using photography as a creative outlet and when did it become your career?

    GG: Photography was apart of my adolescence. My parents always had an analog camera and family albums that we would look at together. During these moments I believe I began to internalize my interest in photography. Although, I didn’t get involved with photography until I studied Graphic Design in university.

    NM: How have you formed your photography and aesthetic style background?

    GG: Everyday I explore my own life, from the daily motions to new and exciting moments.From this I look for themes that fascinate me. I try to adapt them to my creative process or i discard them when I am no longer interested.
    I find it is difficult find a subject that I am interested in. Not because I am not interested but because we live in a world that is modern and massive. From here I have to find small pockets of our world that I can connect with. But while I am photographing, I just try to enjoy the spontaneous quirks that can be thrown my way and work with what comes up at the moment.

    NM: What is the name of this series?

    GG: The series is called Harlem.

    NM: I think the mix of black and white and cool tones through out Harlem is really impactful. What inspired this choice?

    GG: The model is a Haitian boy who was scouted on the street by the stylist, Mariano of The Villa Stylist. When I saw him, I was drawn to to his bold features. When it came to the series, I wanted to focus on impact. I found that using these eye-catching tones helped keep the colour concise yet different. I wanted to have a difference between each photo. Otherwise, I find it boring to use the same scheme on every photo.

    NM: In this series, I really enjoy how you use communication in the photos. From the first photo of your model holding their hand up as if to welcome the viewer, to the portraits with different the facial expressions, to your model pointing through a door way. Its almost like the viewer is having a conversation with your model or your model is asking a question. Was this the main theme for this series?

    GG: The main theme is communication through body language. From the power of his gaze we have to decipher what he is telling us. Why is he was giving the viewer this particular look? The gestures with his hands, his gaze, the open door, these are all signs that the subject is trying to communicate a message, we just have to decide what it means to us.

    NM: On the same theme of communication, in your opinion what is this photo series trying to say to the viewer? When I take a closer look, I get the sense that the subject is challenging me. This could just be my own perception. Do you think this series may speak to each viewer differently?

    GG: I believe that the viewer can have many interpretations on these photographs. The model’s use of communication is subject to the viewer and what they see in their minds eye. Just like I did while I photographed him.

    NM: Throughout your career as a photographer, what do you always strive to convey through your art?

    GG: I always try to deliver what I am living through and envisioning at the time. I use my life as an inspiration and then use the tools around me, like lighting, models, and collaborative concepts to make the vision come true.

    NM: Lastly, is there some mantra, quote or piece of advice that gives you daily inspiration?

    GG: I am very interested in observing everything that is around me. Although I do not have answers or reasons for why things happen in life, I try my best to understand it. I like to watch people walk and observe their gestures. As they move their hands, they appear before the world. To me, this proves life has meaning.