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    Shanghai Sentiments.

    From sharp and colourful fashion shoots to nostalgic and raw street photography, Lu Yang places great importance on history, cultural heritage, and memories.

    AN: Could you give us a short biography about yourself?

    LY: I was born in 1986 in Shanghai. I studied painting and graphic design as my major, however I’ve been interested in photography since 2009. I just finished my studies in university, and when I happened to flip through books and magazines about photography, I grew to like it very much. Photography is able to express my feelings through the lens and record fragments of memories.

    AN: What equipment do you use and why?

    LY: I always use my Nikon D700, but in this time I used the Olympus Micro Single Camera because it’s very convenient.

    AN: What style of photography do you enjoy taking the most?

    LY: I like many styles actually. Now I take more photographs in black and white, inspired by photographers like Fukase Masahisa, Kishin Shinoyama, Shoji Ueda and so on. I like their styles very much.

    AN: What are your photographic strengths?

    LY: I’m good at discovering beauty in models, and I am also able to take advantage of real nature.

    AN: Why do you choose black and white photography over colour?

    LY: It depends on the mood that I want to deliver through the photograph. Simple pictures with black and white has more impact and is more nostalgic, which ‘tells’ more than colour photos.

    AN: Who is the subject in your photo series?

    LY: The model’s name is Sanit, he’s from Columbia – I like his style very much.

    AN: How did you two meet and why did you choose to photograph him?

    LY: He was introduced to me by a friend, and then we were able to do a photoshoot together. He liked the photographs I took of him in the first photoshoot immensely, so this was the second time around.

    AN: Where was the location shot at and why did you choose to go there?

    LY: The location was in Zhangjiang and Chongming in Shanghai. My friend told us about it and led the way. I’ve never been there before and it was an improvised photoshoot.

    AN: What was the theme for this photo series?

    LY: I was less concerned about the theme and mainly focused on how to integrate the model into the scene and capture the spirit I wanted to convey in the pictures.

    AN: What are your goals as a photographer?

    LY: To leave more wonderful memories of the world to see, to travel and go to more countries, and to always work and be full of passion to do photography.