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    Ren Hang’s Flesh Constructions.

    Inherently confronting and invariably political, the works of Ren Hang celebrate the nude human form.

    Can you tell us about your background/Studies?
    I was a student at the Communication University of China.

    When did you start taking pictures?
    In 2008.

    Who is your major influence?
    I am not influenced by anyone in particular.

    What does eroticism mean to you?
    I love eroticism. To me it has the power to make authentic people feel at ease. I have the hope that people can make love together as often as possible, that it could be as normal as eating together, for instance. Although I don't think even I am ready yet.

    What is it supposed to reveal in your work?
    Until today I haven’t tried to reveal anything through my work.

    Is it a statement of rebellion?
    Not even.

    How do you choose your models?
    My choice of models is following my subjective point of view on beauty.

    Is it reflecting the new Chinese youth?
    I don’t particularly understand nowadays what Chinese youth are like and I am not very clear about what they do. I only understand my close friends, but I don't think they and I represent the new generation of Chinese youth.

    Is there a place for nudity in arts in China today?
    I have no idea, and I have no interest for it. In China my website is often blocked, my exhibitions often forbidden, and when I take pictures I could be arrested by the police. But as long as China doesn't deprive my personal liberty for life just because I take nude pictures I still want to stay here continuing to take pictures because it is my country. China is the most familiar place for me, here I can have all kinds of personal instinctive reflections. It is here that I can essentially find the feeling of belonging.

    What are the reactions that most surprised you when displayed your work in China?
    No matter how they react to my works, it's not unexpected, I am not surprised.

    Do you intend to shock?
    No, I don’t.

    What’s going to be the next step?
    I have no idea