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    Korbinian Vogt “Renewed Memories”.

    Catching raw natural beauty Vincent through a lens.

    Korbinian Vogt, born in in Munich in 1995, found his passion for photography early on in his childhood and actively pursued it ever since. Today his style is an instantly recognisable combination of landscapes abstract portraiture and nudes. Capturing unplanned moments with people he has just met or models who he gives very little direction, preferring to let life unfold organically in front of the lens, Vogt tells us, “I like to photograph the harsh reality in sometimes an ironic manner”.

    In the photo series “Renewed Memories” Vogt journeys to Iceland, a favourite destination of his after his first visit for his 18th birthday. Completely captivated by Iceland’s stunning natural beauty, he took equally beautiful and unique model, Vincent Littlehat with him. He met Vincent in London where they worked together and bonded over their love for the industry. Both extremely creative by nature, their chemistry while working together permeates every image. Raw and pure; the naked body amidst rugged nature, creating the perfect harmony.

    Iceland is more than just a backdrop in this photo series, Vogt portrays the country’s beauty and atmosphere so vividly in each shot, be it surrounded by glacier in Svínafellsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull, by the lake in Kleifarvatn or the vibrant colours of the city of Reykjavík.