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    Julie Ordon, Model & Actress, Swiss Goddess.

    The Swiss model/actress, famed for her Bridget Bardot looks, reveals to Aserica her upcoming plans.

    How did everything begin for you? Was it through an encounter with someone in the cinema industry or after having seen a distinctive film?
    I think I caught the virus much earlier than that; I always had that under my skin. As a little girl I loved to direct theatre plays and to dance for my family and friends. Inspiration came to me naturally.

    Even without having seen the film shot by Bettina Rheims for Chanel in which you star (the one that resumes Jean Luc Godard mythical scene from “Contempt”) you naturally evoke a current Brigitte Bardot, especially in the fact that for you life is more important to you than cinema, just like her. Is it true?
    I am passionate about cinema, but real life is more important to me than the one projected on screens. I try to enjoy as much as I can every day’s life.

    Are you annoyed by the fact that everyone is always referring to you as BB, or is it something that you are proud of?
    I am very flattered to be compared to that mythical icon, a major source of inspiration for many.

    Are you nostalgic of the past, when people were able to express themselves freely or are you appreciative of the current time?
    I belong to those kinds of people who are not nostalgic of the past; to me it is very important to make the most of what today has to offer, without ever knowing what will come tomorrow. Yet, sometimes I dream of going back to the past, to witness some events that inspire me.

    Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
    I try to manage my family life, my model jobs around the world and I am also focusing on the launching of my jewellery collection. It’s called “Hippie Dreamer” and it will be in stores before the end of this year. I still have to find some distributors but the jewellery is ready. The designs are made of silver and gold-plated, incrusted with diamonds and semi precious stones. The spirit of “Hippie Dreamer” is this quest for freedom that is found in all of our dreams.

    Who would be your dream actors to work with?
    Christopher Walken, I adore him!

    Like actresses such as Grace Kelly or Nicolle Kidman you also have been a fashion model. Everyone seems to be surprised about it; the “too beautiful actress cliché” … Do people mention it to you sometimes?
    Yes it is a fact! Often as models we are not taken seriously. For some it seems that our only talent is to strike a pose in front of a camera. I always try to prove the opposite.

    There is a well-anchored tradition of independence in Switzerland, a small country where it has early been understood that one had to struggle to avoid disappearance, the fact that you are Swiss surely is not insignificant… You still are very close to your country right?
    I am so close to my homeland that I live there!

    Could you renounce your freedom for someone? Something?
    No one should ever give up on his or her freedom!

    You follow your own path, your own history, far from docilely following an imposed career plan. Have you sometimes had to pay the price for your freedom?
    Freedom has no price; everyone has a right to it! Today it is one of my personality’s strength.

    In the coming years what are things that you think will matter most to you?
    Above all my daughter, but also I would like to achieve my current projects and especially having the chance to collaborate with various artists in that great
    “Cinema Family.”