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    Mads Teglers takes us on a day out with the eccentric and energetic Roxy.

    Mads Teglers’ work is raw, fun, spontaneous, and full of narrative that captures his subjects unique personalities. There’s a quality to his pictures that fashion brands and advertisement firms spend big bucks on – whereby his subjects are so natural and at ease that it’s hard to resist not wanting whatever they’re having. His works have appeared in Numéro, Nylon Magazine, and L’Officiel Italia and he’s taken stunning shots of Mads Mikkelsen for ZEIT Magazine.

    At 41 years old, the Danish photographer is now based between Copenhagen, Berlin and New York City, working on different personal projects and busy with clients and editorial works. He also is one of the founders of S Magazine, and is currently busy working with his new issue being released right now.

    His fun and bright photo series “Roxy” that takes place in sunny Gandia, Spain follows a day in the model’s life, capturing the quirky and youthful activities that she does.

    AN: How did you get to know Roxy?
    MT: I got in contact with Roxy through Instagram. I thought she had a funny character that would be a cool challenge to set her up in my universe. So we planned to shoot some days together and made it happen.

    AN: What did you guys do?
    MT: We met up in the morning and planned the day’s shoot. We walked around shooting and also improvising a lot. We mostly just hung out together talking.

    AN: How would you describe your aesthetic?
    MT: My style is narrative and inspired by snapshot realism.

    AN: Is the process of your photo shoots as candid and spontaneous as they seem in the photos or is there a bit of planning involved as well?
    MT: Normally I do sketch for the shoot, so it’s staged in some ways. But I also improvise lot during shooting, as I want it to be interesting for the model involved and not pin things down.

    AN: Who are the photographers that inspire you?
    MT: I am inspired a lot by Stephen Shore. I love his work, but I’m also very inspired by private snapshots done by normal people. I love the energy and spontaneity when people do private pictures. It’s very fascinating.

    AN: What’s your favorite equipment to shoot with?
    MT: I shoot a lot of analog, mostly because of the small camera size and the limited of frames and not looking into a monitor all the time as it kills the improvised moments. For clients however, I only shoot digital.

    AN: You bring a different energy, personal touch and rawness to editorial/fashion world that is rarely seen or used. How did you make your way into the fashion/editorial world?
    MT: Hard work and pushing. I am a very stubborn person also, which is very important in this world.

    AN: What are your goals as a photographer?
    MT: To continue on not making any compromises with my work and to keep on developing and challenging it as well. I want to push my work more and more.

    AN: How do you want to be remembered?
    MT: I want to be remembered as a person who inspires people, and letting them see new things and making the world a better place.