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    Human Interaction.

    Zhang tao, Shen Dian, Leng Chuan and James photographed by Lu Yang.
    Photography by Lu Yang, Style by Chun Yam Lo.

    Luyang is a photographer based from Shanghai, China. After completing his studies at University, Luyang was flipping through magazines and books about photography. From then on, the passion was ignited and he decided to experiment with photography to express their creative self through the lens and to record memories and fragments of time.

    Luyang generally shoots portraits because he finds that human interaction within a photo makes a scene more lively and interesting. In this series Luyang shared with Aserica, he primarily used male models that a friend has suggested for the photoshoot . Luyang's aim was to have the models relax and to capture interactions between the group. This translates to the photos with the playful moments in the water and the exploring scenes on the stone hills. The location was set at a man made beach in Shanghai and provided ample room for snapshots and creating the nostalgic 1980’s tone that Luyang was striving for. To see more of Luyang's work, check out his Instagram @luuu_yang