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    Heartbreak Hotel.

    Jus Vun takes us on another walkthrough of Tokyo’s back alleys with doe-eyed stranger and beauty, Klaudia.

    Klaudia contacted me through my website before coming to Tokyo and asked if I was interested in a photo-shoot and it just went from there. She's a Polish student, coming here during her school vacation to do some modelling, to gain experience, and to see the world.

    We met on the day of the shoot and I was immediately struck by her friendly demeanor and inquisitive nature. She had a youthful exuberance, an eagerness and curiosity that manifested clearly in front of the lens. Between our cigarette and coffee breaks, eating ice-cream and having dinner at an outdoor izakaya, we were able to form a bond.

    We explored around the traditional, old alleyways of Yurakucho just before sundown and in the evening, headed off to the Love Hotel district of Utsunomiya. Here you will find many Love Hotels, seedy establishments and the infamous Tokyo Kinema Club, a former cabaret theatre reborn as a club, this hideout is a retro reminder of the smoky days of Showa. The night was arresting, scenes were unfolding through a fishbowl. There was a sense of existential ennui and a feeling like we have lost track of time.

    The mood of the night and neon lights can only be captured using color film, yet I could not resist the timelessness of black and white film. I wish I could say there was a more artistic reason, but I shot with what film I had and it simply blended together to form this narrative.

    By the last train of the night, it was just like two friends that had hung out. And in the subway tunnels heading in opposite directions, we looked back at one another and waved each other goodbye. We were like characters from a Murakami novel. When or where we will meet next, we both didn't know.