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    Grey Matter.

    Grey Matter, DATURA A/W 2017 photographed by Pablo Ravazzani.
    Photography by Pablo Ravazzani.

    Model: Julia Almendra @ Marilyn Model Management
    Make-up & Hair: David Tibolla @ Exclusive Artists, using Koh Gen Do & Kerastase Aura Botanica.

    Photographer Pablo Ravazzani is known for his stark and conceptual fashion inspired work. His photos share a symbiosis of textures and colour, wether its grainy walls and shiny vinyl or black and white or a pop of strong colour; his photos are eye catching and bold. Ravazzani was born in Punta del Este, Uruguay, but has fallen in love with New York City’s energy and now calls the city his home. He first found his calling to photography in his last year at University. This was not a surprising new hobby as Ravazzani had always been interested in the skill. His unique style and dedication had a moment of recognition when Ravazzani landed a spot in the 2002,“Life of the City” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. This is obviously a merited moment in his career, and has inspired Ravazzani to keep moving forward with aspirations of shooting ad campaigns for aesthetically compatible fashion houses, as well as have his work featured in more museums and galleries. See more of his work at www.pabloravazzani.com.