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    Emilie Da Costa/Quiet Girl.

    I am a self taught, French based photographer. Growing up in a rural suburb of Paris, I discovered a great passion for photography from an early age......

    I am a self taught, French based photographer.
    Growing up in a rural suburb of Paris, I discovered a great passion for photography from an early age.
    Influenced by my childhood spent collecting imagery of nature and fashion with a strong appreciation of art and beauty,
    I made a choice to forge my own path in life, moving to Paris in pursuit of a dream career as a model agent.
    Over the past few years I have worked for some of the most prestigious Parisian model agencies and with international brands, photographers and designers (...)

    My interest in photography and film has therefore become ever more prevalent.

    My work is strongly influenced by the natural world
    one of the last frontiers of magic, beauty, rituals, justice and poetry alongside the world of underground and street movements.
    My work explores the reality of life both in its grit and beauty.
    A life beyond the Fashion industry.

    Any spare moment you will find me at the beach, lost in the moment, enjoying the bohemian life, close to the water , ocean and  drenched in sun.
    Exploring beautiful new places or chilling out listening to music.

    I have always been a visual person, whether it’s living, reflecting, dreaming or imagining.
    I would like to say : I have always known what I've wanted to do

    It's just getting there that's the hard part!

    I enjoy shooting what's going on around me.
    I believe that everything that exists is energy.
    The goal is to live in the moment, in harmony with nature and the universe.
    Everyday is different and I thrive on that, surfing the wave.

    I am a dreamer even if there is no guarantee!

    Now more than ever its important to keep my eyes open, listening, watching all around me to be able to reflect a reality and honesty in my pictures.

    If we find ourselves then our real eyes will guide us.

    It was a trip to California that gave me real emergence.
    It was an inspirational and highly spiritual experience that gave me a chance to discover new and powerful emotions and light

    I left with a new found energy that changed my reality.

    A strong devotion to the understanding that if we believe in ourselves we can achieve anything we want.
    I truly believe in miracles.
    In that unique feeling, that fleeting moment, that once you've experienced you cant help spending the rest of your life searching for.

    Once we conquer ourselves, we have the power to choose who we want to be in the world.

    Never give up your passions and dreams.

    This is our life.

    Emilie Da Costa.