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    China Porcelain.

    Beauty can be simultaneously fragile and robust, passionate and passive, real and hyperreal. Dutch photographer Yaël Temminck captures a sensitivity and honesty in his subjects that demonstrates this maxim perfectly, as illustrated in this striking photo series with Chinese model Yu-Lun.

    Currently working and living in Amsterdam, Yael taught himself photography. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, but quit after two months to focus on his role as a production manager at ZOO Magazine and L'OFFICIEL HOMMES NL and pursue his own approach to art rather than be taught how to develop as an artist.

    “I photograph in my spare time to express myself, make a way of art, create images and visualise thoughts,” he told Aserica. “I saw Yu-Lun Wong on the internet and thought he had such a strong face. It's very intense, deep and sensual, but also innocent. I had this story in mind and Yu-Lun totally fulfilled my idea in front of the camera.”

    Yaël’s photography has appeared in ZOO MAGAZINE, L'OFFICIEL HOMMES, Glamcult and L'OFFICIEL NL, among other publications, but prefers to work on independent, non commissioned projects with people who inspire him. Our featured shoot came together with uncommon ease.

    “Images needs to give me the right feeling to start liking or hating them and the feeling with Yu-Lun was right,” says Yaël. “We understood each other very quickly. I like it when the vibe during a shoot is that personal and strong that the model exactly knows what you want to create without discussing it that much.”